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    BTP Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of two-piece empty gelatin capsules & empty vegetable capsules, equipment and technology. As a result, we offer unprecedented value in differentiating products and achieving speed to market. Driven by our customers’ distinct experience and focused on market success, we innovate to solve our customers’ future challenges today.

    With more than a decades of expertise, we have insight into both existing and emerging markets, and the demands of cross-country compliance. We provide global support and expertise for all your capsules and equipment needs. Our manufacturing sites in Shanxi province & Zhejiang province with 5 billion pieces annual capacity and Technopharm production machines, offer assurance that deadlines and quality will be delivered as promised.

    Our global customer base spans a variety of industry segments, from multi-national pharmaceutical giants to OTC and dietary supplement manufacturers. No matter what your needs, we brings a wealth of value to the relationship:
    ◇ More than 20 years of experience
    ◇ High-quality products produced on Technopharm machine
    ◇ Commitment to a high level of service
    ◇ Global availability and responsiveness
    ◇ Reliable, on-time delivery
    ◇ Global regulatory support
    ◇ Quick turnaround and rapid technical response
    ◇ Contingency plans and multiple manufacturing sites
    ◇ Best-in-class technical support
    ◇ Full range of offerings (capsules, equipment, technology)

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